Kikiwize Allegations And Drug Abuse (Read Full Details)


Drug abuse has turned to a paramount activities among the youth. Apart from the fact that it is unethical , it also causes damages to one’s body system and statistics has shown that higher number of youth are struggling to quit this world damaging acts. 

Recently , a news had trended online,about a guy popularly known as Kikiwize, who was accused to be a ritualist due to some disorderly displays which he did right to the general public at poly junction in Iree.

However, Reverse is the case when a close source to the victim who claimed anonymity made it known that the disorder display was as a result of drug abuse of a substance known as ‘ICE’, stating that he is not a ritualist and he wasn’t involve in any unethical tradition as tagged by some platforms.

Below is his picture sleeping;

Nevertheless, just like some youths are struggling to quit this shameful act of abusing harmful drugs , some set of youths are also getting initiated into it without a rethink of how dangerous it is, and how it is contributing to the bad image of our nation. 

In this regards, it will be of great advantage if the youth and students at large can shun drug abuse and all illegal activities that can tarnish their name, institution or the country in general.

Also, yellow journalism should be eradicated as we don’t know how bad it can affect the physiological ability of the people.

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