[Must Read] 5 Things You Should Know About 'CWE' Boss Chuckles

Chuckles, is one of the handsome young man  in entertainment industry, he has been winning the hearts of fans of recent with many things about him.

We have collated amazing 5 things about him which you will find interesting in the piece below:

1. He speaks English fluently not just because he is a Nigeria but he also attend one of the best tetiary institution in Nigeria. 

2. He's not an Ibo guy as assumed by many of his fans but Yoruba, a bonafide Ibadan guy, one of the city in Southwest region of Nigeria.

3. He is also a lover of business and self-confidence which led him to be involved in many entrepreneurship skills.

4. His real name is; Asipa Babatunde, popularly known as Chuckles

5. He's the CEO of "Chuckles World Entertainment CWE" he's a lover of music who supports the upcoming one's and embrace their talent to a higher level.

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