Governor Oyetola was not attacked by the protesters (Read The Full Story)

On Mr Governor arrival people started agitating for him to apologize for his unavailability to attend to them for the Past 10 days.

In which he did accordingly... and it was also gathered that some set of thugs came to attack the protesters 3 days before the Shocking incident and also yesterday morning and these thugs were chanting in Yoruba (EYIN NI E N BA GOVERNOR FAA) so when the Mr governor arrive at the protest ground, the protesters asked him if he is actually the one that sent those huudlums inwhich he denied and said he has never been his idea to use thurg for anything in his government and the protesters asked him to get these hudlums arested but mr Governor said he can never arrest them until he see the commissioner of police. And people started agitating that mr Governor must arrest them by force.. it is on this process some set of hudlum still came to lunch another attack and everybody ran for their lives but later-on the banser hired by the protesters send these thugs away... and people expected mr Governor to complete his word. But mr Governor never did that instead he waited inside his vehicle for like 6 mins 40 secons before he order his driver to drive away from the barigade. Meanwhile protesters also has noticed his motive earlier so they all gather in front of his convoy but instead of mr Governor to wait he use his car to injured 🤕 the people... this is actually what got people angry that makes them starting throwing stone on his vehicle. Before his security personnel started shooting. Bullet hit an okada rider and he was rushed to jaleyemi hospital but he finally give up to gost another one was shot on the campus area 'OKE AYEPE' these people were so angry they carried the dead bodies to government house but at sight police started shootings them and chase them away... and also arrested some people when some were very injured with straight bullet.

I think this is the high time that Mr Governor need to come out to apologise to the whole citizen of Osun.

Or what do you think about this??

Let's hear from you all

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