Dear Mother @60 - By Busy Brain

Oh' mother!
You are rich and wealthy.
Your milky river mixed with crude oil
and your fertile soil produces green pastures.

But, your children are selfish.
Your prodigal sons are in Aso Rock
under the stench of cool breeze
sleeping and snoring
cascading down our rivers of hope
Your eldest sons from Adamawa and Daura have not gone to rest
Your son from Lagos is now a godfather; on transit to mount  the throne
Your men in black still take fifty naira
and torture the ones that take exemption.
They all  suck from your sagging breast
and care less about well-being of the younger ones.

Oh' mother! you are 60 years old
but still a crawling toddler
in the hands of your greedy children.
I hope these torments leave you so soon
when the sun smiles on the younger ones
I hope you get well soon mother
from the shackles and manacles of corruption.

Oh' Mother!
I pray for your ambience to be free of siege
beleaguered upon by Boko-boys,
I pray for latitude to pounce on your roads
taken over by kidnappers,
I pray for your bandits to embrace peace
and your women be saved from  rapists.

Oh' mother!
You are not yet free
Evil men have taken over your land.
I pray for your real freedom
Mother Nigeria!

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