Brief Biography: Late Alhaji (Chief) Safiyu Oladimeji Amoo Raji (Read Here)

Alhaji Chief Safiyu Oladimeji Amoo Raji was an excellent administrator, business mogul, technocrat, political enthusiast, social crusader and business tycoon. Chief's life  in fact can be summarized as a man of substance whose life is an epitome of service.

Chief was born on June 16, 1937 into the family of Odeyemi Raji in Ile Olowolaagba's Compound, Ikoyi(now in Osun State). Baba was the last child of her mother Asimowu Odeyemi Raji.

He started his academic pursuit and completed his Primary School Education at St. John's Primary School, Ikire.

In 1950s, our late father joined others and served as Local Police Officer for the security of the community for many years. Moreover, after several years of security service in his community, he proceeded as a Court Clerk in Customary Court in the then Irewole West Local Government.

Interestingly, as a result of baba's great and industrious performance in the civil service, he was appointed to the 'Sanitary Inspector' of Irewole West LG in 1960s.

He served the community for a long period of time till 1977 when he retired from the civil service. 

In fact, to meet an enjoyable standard of living, baba engaged in 'Timber Contract/Saw Mill Business' in the early 1979.

In his patriotic gusto to contribute to the society and development of the community, baba was elected under political platform of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) as the 'Council Chairman' of Irewole West Local Government between 1980 and 1982, under Chief Bola Ige's Governorship Administration in the then old Oyo State. 

After the coup d'etat that returned the country to Military Rule, Chief Raji quickly, once again, cuddled the "Saw Mill Business" and rose up to become one of the crème de la crème of the Saw Miller Association in Isokan.

Because of the brains and brawn to serve humanity, baba rose and became the first 'Community Leader' of Ikoyi-Osun for decades until his voyage into the peaceful hereafter.

During his lifetime, he was a great philanthropic community leader who contributed to the development of the community both politically and socially. 

His lifetime was spent in Ikoyi-Osun, he contributed financially, politically and religiously towards the development of the community with great memories.

Alhaji (Chief) Safiyu Oladimeji Amoo Raji, died on September 10, 2018. We love you but God loves you more.

Requiescat In Pace, baba!
Al-janat fridaus Insah Allah.
Sun re ooo, Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father and Husband!
Omo Esho Ikoyi Adile Dogun!

Courtesy: Children (in two years remembrance of your journey into hereafter).

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