[MUST READ] Nigerian Youths And The Incurable Foolishness

It is a known fact that youths occupy the larger percentage out of the total population in Nigeria. These youths  are being regarded as the leaders of tomorrow and the future of every promising nation. The big question begging for an answer is where are the youths that will re- write the wobbled history of the country and give it a well deserved future?

Nigerian youths have witnessed different drama staged by people we entrusted and voted into power. Many footages of corruption had been shown in the media and at the same, different live shows on television channels should have posed a signal that there is no hope in the country if power still hang around these greedy men.

Many scripts had come and gone. Dino Melaye feigned illness, Olisa Metuh did the same thing, Abdulrasheed Maina adopted wheelchair method  to escape judgment. The hot and burning one was staged by NDDC acting chairman, Prof. Pandei who fainted while on representative members' hot seat. Hilarious! A man who was healthy while lavishing billions of naira now fainted when he was called to account for the spending. Everyone witnessed the drama but because of incurable foolishness, we have not realized that there is no clear future under the two major political parties.

Is it not foolishness for our youths to be launching attack and vituperations on themselves in Edo State because of Obaseki and Ize-Iyanmu. What have they achieved as leaders and what is their impact on infrastructure and development in Edo State. The two political hunters exchanged political parties again and youths are acting as if all is well. Why have we not realized till moment that, there is no hope in both PDP and APC irrespective of any candidate they present.

A viral video of Chris Ngige who was claiming superiority over the House of Rep. members was another signal to Nigerian youths to desist from waging support behind politicians in APC or PDP. While the country is under threat of myriad anomalies, the law makers were displaying madness like street urchins. 'If you yab me, I go yab you ten times'. Loose words from law makers who should have rather been busy addressing the relapse situation of the country.

It is appalling that we are in a very tough year and what Nigerian youths are particular about is how APC or PDP godfather would mount the presidential seat. Many platforms and forums have been created all in the name of these politicians. Nigerian youths have never thought of leaving out APC, PDP in 2023. Why would Nigerian youths continue with the same system, same people, same ideology and expect different result? APC and PDP are parties made of corruption. Yakubu Dogara has returned to APC, Obaseki decamped to PDP, Ondo State Deputy Governor decamped to PDP. These people decamped to look for power relying on the strength of Youths to win election. The youths in return for token would buy data to attack themselves on social media, some would carry cutlass, gun to carry out physical attack. When will our foolishness be curable?

As a matter of fact, we are adept and perfect in complaining about despicable nature of the country. Different epistles and columns had come and gone. We are brilliant when it comes to  criticism and mimicking a matter that requires serious attention. Many comedy skits have been released about the Niger Delta  Prof. that fainted. But we have never decided on which way to walk out these looters. Hardly would a youth get 10% vote rate in his ward because he has no money to share. Nigerian youths out of foolishness celebrate thieves on four-year basis. The power rotates cyclically within political elites. If the youths can not voice out and dump these political parties and their candidates, the youths will continue to pay the price while their children will continue to live large. The worse is for the youths to come back to Facebook, WhatsApp..etc to abuse and critic these selfish leaders which has never changed anything since years back.

2023 is a time to rethink and arise from our slumber. It is youths that defend them on social media, it is youths that share their propaganda messages around, it is youths that risk their lives and snatch ballot boxes and it is the same youths that suffer the poor governance.  If these set of leaders rely on the strength of youths to gain power, why not using the strength to change the narrative?.

Nigerian youths can only get it right when our foolishness get vaccine. Till then, the tale of corruption, exploitation, extra judicial killings, oppression, harassment would continue to be our topical issues on the pages of social media without solution. The solution to our problem is not in the media, it relies on the thumbs of Nigerian youths by taking action. Action speaks louder than voice!

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