LECTURE: Do we still have hope in the Nation Nigeria - Comrade Immunity

The student Union Government of Osun State polytechnic, Iree, led by Comrade Raji Kehinde popularly known as (Kenraj) organised an online lecture section with NANS Global Vice President, Comrade Immunity.

However, Comrade Yekeen Olawale (Jega OSHA), was the chief host of the hangout session and the anchor, Comrade Gbadamosi Sodiq, who welcome the guest to the house and make a proper introduction of him saying; Comrade Immunity finished his first degree in English from OAU, currently studying his masters in Public Administration. He was the Chief Press Secretary to Tijani Usman (NANS President 2015). Comrade Immunity is the current NANS Global Vice President.

In order not to waste our precious time, the floor is now open for our guest speaker to come in.

Can we give him a round of applause 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

The guest: Fundamental greetings to these wonderful gathering of intellectuals. its with utmost pleasure that i relate and identify with you all. God bless the bond that binds us all. Aluta Continua.

The theme: Do we still have hope in the Nation Nigeria?

My take: Tho with the series of disappointing events that keeps unfolding in the Nigeria of today,Issues ranging from high rate of corruption, immorality and  leakages in our security system.thereby creating much setback in our economy and Nation development at large,one could easily say there isn't a hedge way.and the hope for a  better tomorrow for we offsprings of this great Nation seems so slim.but wherever we find negative impacts .there definitely will be a huge stride of positivity.because at the end of every thick and dark tunnel there is light

We as Youths should always view ourselves as advocate of hope and must try to be positive in every of our dealings and our reasoning towards life. We need to always visualise opportunities and positive vibes in every challenges poised at us.

The youths are the bedrock of every society and any society that will strive does so with Quality youthful and leadership attributes.

The first question we need to ask ourselves is: As Nigerian Youths and student leaders where did we go wrong? And when is our time?. It's been a long time saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow. but we really need to re orientate ourselves and educate ourselves to know the age ranges that falls into the youth court.

The age range that dignifies you as a youth is between the age bracket of 18 to 35 years.So if truly the youths are the leaders of tomorrow.and a 32 years old youth is still holding to that hope at a point where such youth still seek shelter under His or Her parent,then it is obvious we and this generation of ours are in trouble.imagine a situation where our youths are being lured into canvassing and raking supports for politicians who have been at the aim of affairs of this nation at very tender youthful stages and are yet to relinquish power even at a period when they have really come of age and are set to retire.

It's a pity that the rate of terrorism,kidnaping and many hazardous crimes that dents the image of this country are perpetuated by youths.and the funny thing is that most of us sell and cheapen our integrity at the altar of  one thousand naira only.

Do you know the amount of promising youthful lives that have been shattered due to youths giving up on their bright future to support these old barons that have refused to leave the stage for younger breeds to prevail?

Until Every Nigerian Youths recognises their worth and we all stand our grounds to kick against being used by any politician during political era's and take our future in our hands. we may never get it right.because for any nation to excel it depends on the uprightness of the Youths.and to do this great task of bringing our hopes alive.We need to desist from being used and take our rightful place in the league of World youths/ students leaders.

We need to learn how to be different and not follow clueless queue.

Achieving a greater nation should and must be a collective act. So therefore I urge and implore us all to see the positivity in every negativity and nobody's going to help carry this cross but we ourselves.i believe there is very much hope for a greater Nation which the task commence with me and you.and together we will get it right. Thanks for giving me your precious time. yours is meaningful struggle and Nation building.
Com Ojo Raymond (immunity)
National Vice President of NANS National.

However, at the end of his lecture, the students on the platform appreciate him an give kudus to him.

A student said; Wow! What a great presentation, God bless you sir

Another Comrade also said; Dear Gallant comrades, please let's give our man of hope and great vision a round of applause for this wonderful presentation. Sincerely it is priceless!

Another comrade also noted that; Two things are important in life, the day you were born and the day you discovered why you were born.
Youth it's time to wake and stand out.

Lastly the the student Union president, Comrade Raji Kehinde, gives his own appreciate message, Read below;

We sincerely appreciate our Guest Speaker @Immunity for his wonderful presentation... God will continue to increase your wisdom and knowledge sir.
I appreciate our Anchor tonight @DG Concepts God bless you sir
@Jega Com Science You're doing so good baba mi. God will continue to be with you sir.
To the generality of our students here, we appreciate you for your participation and commitment towards achieving the betterment and progress for our dear country. God will not leave us.
I appreciate you all
Eseun seun ✌ ✌ ✌
Aku Odun ooo, Emi ase pupo re

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