What Will Buhari Offer Tolulope Arotile's Family After Her Death? - Busy Brain

If one assumes that the beautiful ones are not yet born, how would one describe the young and promising men of war dying on a daily basis? Tell me, for how long will it take the beautiful ones to come to our rescue? Is there any other words than beautiful, agile, courageous, patriotic and gallant  that can be used to qualify these men and women of war at the frontline battling bandits, kidnappers, Boko Haram? Don't tell me what I know, I know they are the beautiful ones that were born to protect their territory and died a valorous death. They had come and gone. They spent their lives outside their comfort zones defending the poor masses but after their death, nothing is left as a return. Their women and fatherless children are left in the murky water of negligence. What a pity, the beautiful ones are dying without compensation.

Days ago, the gory pictures of our soldiers ambushed by men of the underworld were all over the media. Having seen those pictures of gallant men in the pool of blood, I asked myself about the position and condition of their beloved families and friends, I asked myself about the kind of sermon one would prepare to fortify their wives and children that their fathers have died for a country where a single person diverted billions of naira for personal use. Oh, God! The life has not been fair with the common men. Where is the honour of being an hero when cheap and untimely death has overtaken the heroism?

The death of the first female combat helicopter pilot, Tolulope Arotile was a shock. A 23 year old pilot who had fought and won many battle on air now met her death in her base. Of course, her death is not only shocking but mysterious. In as much as no one can question God for His actions, what will Buhari led administration offer her family? Would her death not be treated like other past heroes? Will Arotile be immortalised by making her name count in the forest of the brave ? Her death must not be only mourned in the media.

Arotile's death has stirred many controversies. While many have demanded for proper investigation on the nature of her death as it looks silly to premise her demise on accident in NAF base, but I have never seen anyone before in Nigeria who is back to life after series of investigations. Where is MKO Abiola? How about his wife, Kudirat Abiola, what of Dele Giwa, Funsho Williams, Funke Olakunrin, Bola Ige and many more. What was the outcome of the investigations concerning their death? Alas! Justice has long been murdered in Nigeria.

The young pilot's death is a great loss that can never be replaced by investigations. The deed has been done. Let Nigerians demand for worthwhile offer from the government she served till death. If her death was intentionally staged  out of jealousy as proclaimed, no one will live forever; not even her killer.

Tolulope Arotile lived a fulfilled life at 23 and Nigeria has lost another gem. Sadly, she was among the beautiful ones that lived for a while. She came, she saw and conquered. May her gentle soul continue to rest in the Lord. My Condolence to the friends, families and Nigerians as a whole...Sobs😭😭😭

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