Russo brothers retweeted our video six hours after release – Ikorodu Bois

Child entertainers, Ikorodu Bois, recently gained international recognition following their low-budget remake of the trailer of an American action thriller movie, ‘Extraction 2’.

The gifted youngsters had taken to their Twitter page to share a side-by-side video of their remake and the trailer of the anticipated movie. This got the attention of the film’s producers, Russo brothers, and the star actor of the movie, Chris Hemsworth. The Russo brothers praised the young Nigerians for their artistic work and invited them to the world premiere of the action-packed Netflix movie.

In an interview with Newsmen, Tunde Sanni, the leader of the group noted that the Ikorodu Bois were at home with their parents when their recreation of the movie trailer went viral.

However, he added that; We had been working on the ‘Extraction’ video since May. However, it took us a lot of time and stress to shoot the video. It took me time to edit too.

“Our prayer then was to for the video to get to the producers and actors of the movie. We honestly didn’t expect it to get this far. This is a reward for our hard work and consistency. Before the video was released, we were already persuading our fans on Twitter to tag Netflix and the producers of the movie.

“When we eventually released the video, it started generating buzz in five hours and the Russo Brothers retweeted it in about six hours. We were at home with our parents when it happened. Immediately we saw the retweet, people started calling us. We were so excited that Ikorodu (Lagos State) talents were getting international recognition. It’s a big one for me and my brothers. We would urge other talented young Nigerians to keep doing what they are good at. It’s a dream come true for us.”

Recalling the challenges they had to overcome when the group started, Sanni said, “I was a student of the University of Lagos, Lagos State, when we started. We were on a break then. The challenge I had then was balancing my education with creating video content. Those days, I would be in school and my younger ones would be in school, while our social media fans would keep tagging us on videos they wanted us to recreate. So, we decided to shoot videos at weekends and face our education during the week. My younger ones are doing great in school and I am a graduate of UNILAG where I studied Psychology.”

On their vision for the future, the creative maintained that they wanted to be professional filmmakers. Further added saying; Our dream is to become professionals in the film industry. However, we need the help of veterans who have gone ahead of us.

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