Happy Eid Kabir To All Naija442's Muslim – Drop Your Well Wishes For Fellow Muslims

Alhamdulilah!! We thank Allah for making each and every one of us witness another Eid-Kabir on the surface of the earth.
Insha Allah, as you’re reading this, Allah will make you witness many more celebrations of Eid-Kabir on earth.

This is the day when we celebrate faith and total submission to Almighty Allah who is the Most Beneficient and The Most Merciful.

On this day, we pray Allah have mercy on us all, forgive all our sins and keep us alive no matter how hard things might get in the world.

As you all enjoy the Salah Meat, don’t forget to send our own oo 😂, Naija442 reporters are waiting for you oo.

Drop Your Well Wishes For Fellow Muslims On This Eid-Kabir Day

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