I Nearly Wet Myself When I Saw Ronaldo – Cole

Andy Cole has admitted that he was left so starstruck lining up next to Ronaldo in the tunnel before Manchester United’s clash with Inter in 1999 that he almost wet himself.
Cole enjoyed a hugely successful spell at Old Trafford between 1995 and 2001, scoring 121 goals in 275 appearances while also getting his hands on nine major trophies.

The ex-England international helped United win the treble in 1998-99, as Sir Alex Ferguson’s side dominated the domestic scene while also storming to success in the Champions League.

Cole told the Beautiful Game Podcast:

“I remember when we played Inter Milan that same season and I lined up in the tunnel and I saw Ronaldo. I’m not gonna lie, I nearly wet myself!

“This is the guy I’ve watched for years. I’m talking about a baller, a straight baller. He had everything in the locker and I’m standing in the tunnel at the San Siro and I’m saying: ‘This is sick!’, but when you’re at that level and you think, ‘Man, I’m actually at this level with these guys. I’m on the same pitch as these guys, I’m on that level’, it’s surreal.

“I’m always honest and I’m always open when it comes to things like this. Playing against these kinds of guys.

“It’s something that when I do take the opportunity to look back, I say to my boys: ‘I’ve done alright. I’ve half made it!’.”

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