Be Careful Of These Monsters Called Pride, Bitterness - Prince Adewale Samson

My Boss former National Chairman of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) and Odua People’s Congress (OPC) Founder Dr, Frederick fasehun once disclosed to me “When you are at the TOP, be cautious about the beast called PRIDE. As we all know Pride will make you look DOWN on the individuals who haven't accomplished your degree of SUCCESS. At the point when you are at the BOTTOM, be cautious about the beast called BITTERNESS. Harshness will make you JEALOUS and believe that others are the REASON you haven't make it.

At the point when you are at the path to the TOP, be cautious about the beast called CREED. Doctrine will make you restless and make you STEAL or look for SHORTCUTS. At the point when you are on your way DOWN, be cautious about the beast called DESPAIR. Depression will make you thoroughly consider it's everything, yet there is still HOPE". Along these lines, overwhelming RAINS help us to remember our CHALLENGES In LIFE. Never request a LIGHTER downpour, yet PRAY to GOD for a superior Umbrella....That ought to be your ATTITUDE! Dear perusers, you have to realize that: Life isn't tied in with finding the RIGHT individual, yet creating the Correct Relationship. It's NOT how we CARE first and foremost however the amount we care till the END. A few people consistently toss STONES in your PATH.

It relies upon what you make with them (stones), a Wall or a Bridge? Keep in mind; you are the ARCHITECT of your LIFE. Quest for a GOOD heart, yet don't scan for a lovely FACE, on the grounds that delightful things are NOT in every case great, yet beneficial things are consistently excellent. It's not essential to HOLD all the GOOD turns in LIFE, yet it's significant how WELL you play with the HANDS you hold. Frequently when we LOSE all HOPE and think this is the END, recall God and PRAY. It's only a BEND and not the END. Have FAITH and have a Successful LIFE. One of the BASIC contrasts among God and human is, God gives, gives and FORGIVES. Be that as it may, human gets, gets, gets and FORGETS.

Be appreciative in LIFE in all things. Subsequently, as people, there are SEVEN (7) things we should CARRY and handle with extra - caution, in light of the fact that these things are FRAGILE and once BROKEN, it is difficult to assemble. When a portion of these things get broken, they can prompt gigantic harm and DESTINY WASTAGE.

They are: Your Name, your Heart, your Vision/Purpose, your Health, your Marriage, your Words/Tongue, and your ETERNITY. Who you are today and who you will be tomorrow, your value, worth and position relies upon everyone AROUND you now. In this way, you should CHOOSE your companions and investigate your Relationships to Avoid Disaster on your WAY to the Mountain TOP.

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