Why I can NEVER stop impersonation - Rearrested dismissed policeman (See Here)

An ex-police officer, Femi John, who was recently rearrested by Police officers in Oyo State for impersonation, has revealed why he will never desist from impersonation.

The ex-Police officer explained that illegal jobs was the only source of livelihood he used to fed himself, his wife, and children.

Speaking with newsmen he also confessed all the allegations leveled against him for impersonation were true and accurate, adding that he is addicted to illegal jobs.

He added that despite being a dismissed officer, he has wife and children who rely on him for survival. As of 2018 when he was last arrested, he had already been jailed twice for impersonation.

However, it was added by him saying; It has been a while I’ve been into it, so am not afraid to go to jail, because jail is not meant for goat, is meant for human being, afterall most of Nigerian top politicians also go to jail.

I didn’t rob, am only using my entitlement to feed myself and my family. I didnt regret my action, I am a force man, so I can’t I regret, I am not a robber and I have never been to high ways to rob, I only create ways to feed myself and my children.”

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