The Secret Why Mad People Cannot Easily Be Infected With Coronavirus (Read Details)

However, since the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus, few cases have been reported of a lunatic testing positive.

Lunatics rarely wash hands, put on a mask and are not aware of the social Distance.

A person with mental problem cannot acknowledge that the pandemic is in existence.

They go on with their life as normal.Maybe there are lessons you can learn from a mad person or a lunatic or any other person who is mentally challenged

Mad people doesn't care about the curfew nor do they care about Sanitizing.Majority of them doesn't have a home so you cannot expect them to stay at home during lock down.

Those who have homes can go out anytime they feel like and come in after some days or until the relatives goes out to search for them.

Since we begun getting daily briefings, it has not been reported that a lunatic tested positive for corona virus.

Likewise, we have not heard of their death.What puzzles the public is how safe this group of people are as far as the pandemic is concerned.This group of people might be safer than any other citizen out there.

The following two reasons explains why this people might be safer than any other citizen in the world:

i) Social withdrawal.Lunatics rarely interact with the public.

Due to fear some members of the public have been avoiding them even before the virus.

Their social distance begun the day they showed signs of madness.This makes it difficult for them to come into contact with an infected person.

ii) Delusions or hallucinations.

This is seeing or hearing things that are not really there.

This makes them unaware of the situation and goes on with their life without panicking.When they feel sick they rarely visit hospitals.

Their lack of fear of the disease makes them safer since the worry or anxiety of the public concerning the virus can hardly overwhelm them.

The other day, a boda boda driver who carried a covid 19 patient unknowingly disappeared due to fear.

However we should take care of the crazy people since they get sick as much as regular people do.In fact more often because they don't take care of themselves.

Research has shown that madness reduces life span of an individual from 20 to 10 percent.This explains why they need care from the normal people.

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