It's idiotic to blame Saraki for your deputy Governor's misbehavior - Sholyment Olusegun (Read Details)

It is so disheartening to see Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq government and its fawning APC minions trying to drag kwara PDP and its leader, Dr Bukola Saraki into their already messed up government with the aim of using Saraki name as a shield to evade popular judgements which is not more in favour of APC wobbling government of the state.

The funny display of pettiness in their attempts to face save the already battered reputation of Kwara state deputy governor , Mr Kayode Alabi whose alleged excessive obsessions for alcoholic substances, unmannered behaviors have led to withdrawal of his Aide-de-Camp, ADC by the Nigerian police has proven the natural political axiom which says a leaders who himself is not shrewd cannot attract a shrewd aides to himself.

On Wednesday 6th of May ,2020 Kwarans woke up to a shocking story of how our deputy Governor, Mr Kayode Alabi who was alleged to have over drunk himself with alcoholic substances  descended on one Inspector Peter Joseph, a police orderly attached to his office who was physically assaulted by the over drunk Deputy Governor. According to the report , Mr Kayode Alabi under the influence of alcoholic substance slapped the police officer for trying to stop him from jumping over the fence of the state government lodge.

This is not only ridiculous but called for sober reflections of all kwarans, home and ib diaspora to ruminate on how as a state, we got ourselves into hands of these kinds of leaders who are destroying all fabrics of our reputations among the committee of other Nigerian's federating states.

The shallow defence of the Deputy Governor by the Director of Media , BNMC Kwara State Chapter , Mr Ibrahim Maroof Adeniyi in his articles titled; "Kwara Oppositions Are Envious of Workaholic KAYODE ALABI…THEY ARE IN PAIN"  therefore further exposed the ignorance of the writer and in extension the insensitivity of the Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq led APC government to the loads of depression being faced by Mr Kayode Alabi in this government as a results of retinue of insults being meted at him by the some powerful loyalists of Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq who sees the Deputy Governor as a mere errand boy to their master.

It's unfortunate that Mr Ibrahim Maroof Adeniyi instead of paying attention to subtle  reasons why a whole deputy Governor will descend into excessive alcoholic consumption to subdue his melancholic states of mind is busy trying to spin a story to blame PDP and Saraki for the tribulations which befell Mr Kayode Alabi following his reported alcoholic intoxication over the week.

For the avoidance of doubt, the information about Deputy Governor slapping a police officer was brought to public glare by a strong APC member and an ally of Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq, Mr Shola Muse through his verified social media pages.

Mr Shola Muse in his Facebook did broke the shocking news with a Facebook post that reads: "Kwara Deputy Governor goes haywire, Slaps a Police Inspector. We are going to Contest this misbehavior from the highest quarter".

It is therefore idiotic and irresponsible of some APC paid media boys to start dragging the name of Dr Bukola Saraki and or opposition members in the state who are busy working on plans to right the wrongs that are already done to the state by the Abdulrahaman led incompetent government.

The BNMC, Kwara state chapter must come to the terms with reality and understand that it is now easier to force a camel through the needle than trying to revive the already battered reputation of the Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq government under which Kwarans including the very APC stalwarts who were bamboozled to give him backings have all lost confidence.

Kwarans are already wishing for 2023 to come quickly so that they can have another opportunity to undo the calamity that the Abuja powers had imposed on them during 2019 general elections through deception , propaganda and campaign of calumny.

I wish to end this by urging all the underage college drop outs recruited by the CPS for media odd jobs to see beyond mentioning Saraki name in defense of the ineptitude of their paymaster. Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki is busy thinking of how to further impact lives of millions of kwarans and Nigerians even while he is out of government than having a seconds to be thinking of an already sinking APC government of kwara state

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