Hidden YouTube Channel You Should Subscribe To "ODU IFA TV" For Your Favorite TV Series (See Here)

Undoubtedly, "ODU IFA TV" is a YouTube channel that showcase the history of ODU IFA in a video series and this platform have the biggest followers across the globe.

It is the channel where people can subscribe for free and spend hours daily to watch their favorite "ODU IFA" videos series.

Historically, Odu Ifa is an Orunmila’s literary compilation which incorporated the experiences of priests and their clients and their results along with their stories. And this documentation known as Odu Ifa contains sixteen major books. Moreover, there are a total of two hundred and fifty-six (256) Odu which reference all actions and their consequences, circumstance, situations in life based on the uncountable Ese Ifa (Poetic tutorials).

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The 256 Odus coding is a combination of a collection of sixteen each of which has sixteen alternatives ⇔ 16^2, or 4^4 and the form the basis of the Ifa religion divination systems. Moreover, the stories, poetry, and proverbs of Ifa are not written down but passed down orally from one Ifa priest or priestess to another. Which are the Babalawos and the Iyanifas undergo training in the memorization and the interpretation of the two hundred and fifty-six Odu or mysteries and the Ese Ifa.

Moreover, according to the stats, users can watch over 200 hours of "ODU IFA" video series daily.

Below are few trailer of ODU IFA video Series:-

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