Guys, Don’t Ever Date A Lady Going For NYSC (See Shocking Reason)

If you have been with a lady that is so good and faithful and at a point in her life she tells you she’s going for NYSC, cry send her a termination letter.
Let me be frank with you, I never see how trustworthy that your woman is, God has created one OG that will bring her to her knees.

Listen to my story!! It’s a pity a very good girl I admired so much suddenly changed bad, the way she carries her self, She’s actually a lost corper I found in the streets of Lagos. Her man usually calls her on video every day while I’m on the other side of the bed 🤣🤣.

However, this morning I changed my mind and I told her I'm not interested in her again. I’m done, bacause I feel bad for my brother on the other end.

There’s nothing like a good girl or bad girl, it’s all about home training and self-respect.

!! But konji is never part of the home training and self-respect will be put aside for a few minutes reboot.

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