Don't sell yourself less than your worth - Dr Google (Read This Story)

The man that developed WhatsApp worked in Yahoo, later left, and went to Twitter for job, they rejected him.
He later developed WhatsApp and sold it for $19 billion.

In 1997, after Google was set up, the founders approached the C.E.O of Yahoo to buy Google for $1 million, because they were not making profit.

Yahoo Inc. refused to buy, stating that it is a bad investment to buy Google for $1 million.
Six years later in 2002, Yahoo tried to purchase Google for $3 billion,  but Google founders refused to sell, because they were already making progress.

In 2014, (six years ago), Google was worth $395 billion, while Yahoo was worth $39 billion - roughly 10% of Google's worth.

Can you imagine what could have happened if Yahoo had bought Google for $1 million in 1997?
Or if they had bought it for $3 billion in 2002?

Moral Lesson:
In the beginning, things might seem to be difficult, but do not despise your little beginnings.

You may face rejections, but do not despair.
You may be belittled, but don't undervalue yourself.
Don't settle for less!

Don't sell yourself less than your worth!
You may be potentially worth more than your buyer!

Sometimes, our greatest problem is not our weakness, but the strength we have not discovered.

No matter your current challenge, don't shortchange yourself for less.
Even this will pass away.

Trouble will always pass away.
I am here to tell you that your problem is not real.
What is real is that you are worth more than you are currently being valued.

The fact that you have some imperfection doesn't mean your are less valuable.

A day is coming soon, when those you ran to for help, but refused will come into your light and even benefit from you that they discarded sometimes back.

No verdict on your life is final, except the one God pronounces on you.

Don't give up on your dreams, soon it will speak for you.

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