COVID-19: The current cynosure of minds - Lawal Saheed (Read Details)

The CORONAVIRUS is the current prevalent disease that has in one way or the other gone far in setting back the smooth running of many activities in Nigeria. The virus has affected a large proportion of the population and of course has become the most spouting issue across the globe.

The coronavirus since its sudden appearance in Wuhan, China,in December has spread out to people more than 3,633,760 globally as at 4th of May ,2020. Many people across the globe that this hot-like disease has touched have been experiencing health imbalances and malfunctions which have subsequently outpoured strong uncontrollable emotions in to the hearts of all.

The Federal Ministry of Health first confirmed the index case of CORONAVIRUS in Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th of February 2020, which revolved around an Italian citizen who returned from Milan, Italy to Lagos.

-This first case and the vast aggravation of this pestilent virus arose the unpleasant state of mental uneasiness of Nigerians and most especially the Nigeria government which made them through Federal Ministry of Health to promptly placed some precautionary measures to ensure that the outbreak in Nigeria is controlled and contained quickly.

COVID-19 has no regard to anybody's societal status or personality. It hooks down anyone who comes in contact with those that are already infected with the virus. More than 2500 cases of corona virus have currently been recorded in Nigeria.

Some state governors like Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, Governor Bala Muhammed of Bauchi State and many other prominent people in Nigeria were also infected with the virus but some had a speed recovery from the virus due to the urgent medical treatment that was put in place.

-Death is the most disheartening negative effect of coronavirus Pandemic. Almost 90 people have died of this deadly virus in Nigeria. This already caused despondency and created a deep scar in to the heart of many people, and most especially those that have lost their love ones during the fight.

Abba Kyari, a trusted and loyal friend who was the former Chief of Staff to the President died of coronavirus. The cause of his death was due to the complications of this new deadly disease, COVID-19.

-Coronavirus resulted to social distancing and lockdown of many activities in Nigeria. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the federal government as well as states governments of Nigeria in their absolute power to order all citizens to stay indoor and abstain from unnecessary social gatherings after the unbearable condition of the COVID-19 pandemic. The FG also put restrictions to movements of people and vehicles.

The lockdown imposed on citizens has given room for famine and encouraged devastating economic conditions in Nigeria. Bad status of economy in Nigeria is not just caused by bad leadership and fellowship but also incorporated today's world health challenge, COVID-19.

Many countries have been running miles to find all means to overcome proliferation of this worldwide disease. In a bid to put out the greenlight of Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria, federal government shut down all activities, gave restriction to movements and demanded high-level of compliances from her citizens.

Consequently, these acts by the federal government to ease COVID-19 have set in motion; the maximisation of the price of goods/products and cause economic inflation in Nigeria.

The Nigeria market prices have increased. Most wholesalers and retailers considered this try period as a favourable circumstance to upheave the price of their goods or products in a bid to acquire a stupendous profits. Even, all the locally made products have maximized price in the cause of CORONAVIRUS.

-COVID-19 goads an increase in the rate of robbery and all those unwanted acts in Nigeria. Due to the inability of people to go out as usual for their daily activities and fetch for their families in the cause of complying with the order made by both the federal government and states governments. This left people that have nothing to eat with zero option rather than to steal for living...

-The obstinacy of this novel-coronavirus despite the efforts made to alleviate the widespread of the disease has instigated some large scale of irrational thoughts and misconceptions of all kinds in to the mind of all. For example,one of the religious leaders, who craved anonymity once brought it to the notice of all that the so called coronavirus will bring an abrupt end to the world. He speculated a particular day and night that the world would come to an end but eventually,the day and the time he prophesied outstepped while the world is still in existence.

In spite of the exertion that the Nigerian government are making in conjunction with the Health agency, in providing isolation centers and all necessary equipments for those that are already infected with this pestilence disease,some people are still carrying it all around that coronavirus does not exist in Nigeria, that government is only fabricating things in order to cause embezzlement and single handedly eat the national cake that is meant for the whole.

Among all,the outbreak led the Heath Agency (WHO) to quickly arrived at the preventive methods on how to curb the transmission of this contagious virus from one person to another,these ways are;
-Uses of soap with clean water to clean hands often.
-Maintain a safe distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
-Don't touch your eyes,nose or mouth.
-use your elbow to collect the things coming out from your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
-Stay indoor when you feel that you are not in good health.
-If you have a fever,a cough,and difficult respiratory system, seek medical attention.
WHO has regarded a perceived change in some functions or sensations as the symptoms of this pandemic virus. The virus COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplet generated when an infected person coughs,sneezes or exhales.

NOTE: You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within the close proximity of someone who has been infected,or by touching a contaminated surface and then your mouth,eyes and nose.

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