China’s Embassy Reveals The Whereabouts Of The Chinese Doctors Sent To Nigeria

China’s embassy in Nigeria has debunked claims that the Chinese medical personnel sent to help the country in its fight against the spread of coronavirus are missing.
The embassy’s spokesman, Sun Saixiong, in a statement on Sunday, May 17, confirmed that the 14 doctors are still in the country and are working very hard with Nigerian health agencies to save lives, Vanguard reports.

Saixiong said:-

“The Embassy of China is not directly involved in what the medics do on a daily basis but we have always been supportive of our companies to fulfil their social responsibilities in Nigeria and we do appreciate their collaboration with their Nigerian brothers and sisters.
“We are aware also that the medics have completed their quarantine period in a cooperative and respectful manner strictly prescribed by the Nigerian Health authorities and manner to help contain the pandemic in the country…”

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