ASUU Lacks Basis To Tag Our Matriculation A Scam – UNIOSUN

The management of Osun State University (UNIOSUN), Osogbo on Sunday maintained that its just-concluded virtual matriculation which is the first of its kind in the history of Nigerian University system was a huge success.
It described as unwarranted and baseless the statement of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) zonal coordinators that the virtual matriculation is a scam, contending that union’s position has no valid fact and evidence.

In a press release signed by the university’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mr Ademola Adesoji, which was forwarded to the Nigerian Tribune in Osogbo, the management of the institution however, argued that the necessary requirements of a matriculation ceremony were met in the virtual matriculation ceremony that was conducted and the university had 99% of the matriculating students connected and participated in the matriculating exercise.

Read the statement below:-

The Osun State University management hereby states that the virtual matriculation which is the first of its kind in the history of Nigerian University system was a huge success. One of ASUU’s zonal coordinators’ statement has no valid fact and evidence so we consider it as baseless, which ordinarily should be ignored.”

“All the requirements of a matriculation ceremony were met in the virtual matriculation ceremony that we conducted and we had 99 percent of the matriculating students connected and participated in the matriculating exercise.”

“May we enlighten the said spokesperson of ASUU that our students do not need to go to cybercafé to attend a virtual matriculation ceremony. All they did was just to connect with their phones, tablets or personal computers in their various locations.”

“All our students, including the fresh students, have been using the same applications and devices that were used for the virtual matriculating ceremony for learning before the matriculating ceremony, hence they are familiar with them.”

“If the students and staff of the university find the virtual matriculating ceremony as a success and a welcome development, we see no reason why ASUU which is expected to take the lead in this new normal should be calling it a scam.”

“Stating that UNIOSUN cannot compete effectively as it lacks the infrastructure to execute e-learning delivery is also laughable. We at UNIOSUN had started executing e-learning even before the advent of COVID-19. We have trained all our academic staff on e-learning and with the support of our ICT team, we were able to deliver and execute e-learning effectively.”

“We like to place it on record that the university is not a federal government-owned university that it will be doing everything possible to seek the attention of the federal government”. The university is a state university and the state governor is aware of the new development.”

“We hereby advise the said ASUU zonal coordinator and his co-travellers to also use this period as an opportunity to build their capacities in online teaching and other activities, as the world as we knew it before COVID 19 is gone and gone forever. The possibilities are limitless and it is only for us to explore. Our Vice-Chancellor has been counselling that the new world order will demand a shift in mindset, taking ownership, readiness for stewardship and accountability,” the statement concluded.

However, Lawal Saheed had earlier reported to our correspondent that, ASUU Criticises UNIOSUN Online Matriculation, Says It Is A Charade.

His statement read below:

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has criticized the online matriculation held by the Osun State University, alleging that it is a fraudulent deal with the primary purpose of obtaining financial assistance from the Federal government.

Osun State University on Thursday held a virtual matriculation for fresh students of the University which was attended by only principal officers and the Vice Chancellor, Professor Labode Popoola while students joined the programme online.

According to the union, the university through the programme exposed students to the mercy of cyber cafe operators while their parents battle the financial crisis occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the students that participated in the UNIOSUN online matriculation programme, Aishat said the purpose of the programme was not met especially with the challenges of audibility.

However, she added that the programme was not really audible, we were unable to hear and understand what those people that were delivering speeches were saying.”

ASUU stated that many students do not have the devices required to accomplish and deal effectively with financial demands of online learning, noting that issues on to funding and revitalization of infrastructure including ICT as the grounds for the current industrial action of the union.

The Union affirmed that many public varsities have non-existent ICT infrastructure, stressing that the governmment should fund ICT infrastructure if it is interested in delivering e-learning in the post COVID-19 era.

Osun State University Vice-Chancellor's heart of heart, can he honestly beat his chest that all the students of that University have the wherewithal to key into his e-learning platform.

“Moreover, giving the fact that the majority of the students are from very humble backgrounds, is this policy not a ploy to shut out such students from accessing the teaching and learning interaction?"

”Mr. Vice-Chancellor should come out clearly to tell the nation about his real motives?. Because we suspect the motivation here is financial rather than altruistic. However, is this another antic to undermine ASUU that the VC knows is currently on strike?. So to this say that anyone who works at cross-purposes with our union’s patriotic struggle to improve funding of public universities, is an enemy of the people. It was also added that whoever in the guise of being a Vice-Chancellor, that subverts the current struggle of the union, through the organising of phony teaching arrangement which the Nigerian public universities cannot effectively deliver, such person is living in self-deceit and a fool’s paradise.

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