A Sign Of Hope For All Society – Pope Francis Says As Churches Reopen In Italy

It was reported that public masses has resumed in Italy, while restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and hairdressers, among other businesses, are all expected to reopen.

However, in the face of much opposition, including from Pope Francis, churches in Rome were shuttered at the beginning of the coronavirus emergency in early March. But most opened shortly thereafter, with entry reserved for prayer only.

Pope Francis said on Sunday during his live-streamed prayer:-

He said; I share the joy of those communities who can finally reunite as liturgical assemblies, a sign of hope for all society.

Moreover, Italy’s lockdown not only extinguished most business activity in the country, but radically disrupted Italians’ personal lives, including attending mass.

However, Pope Francis has been livestreaming mass from a chapel at his residence inside the Vatican City.

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