When I met my wife 18years ago, I had nothing, I was a gold digger – Peter Okoye

Nigerian Singer and Dancer, Peter Okoye otherwise known as Mr. P has said that contrary to some people’s opinion about his wife, when he met her almost two decades ago, he had nothing and he was a gold-digger.

Reflecting on the turnaround he got, Peter also urged men to stop thinking that every woman is a harlot.

He said;

I met my wife 18 years ago, I was a gold digger. When I met her, I f*cking had nothing. Men wise up, every woman is not a harlot or a slay mama, Pick one and make her look the way you want her to be. My wife was never perfect, don’t get me wrong, what I did was make her look the way I want her to be and she made me look same way she wanted me to be. Have you seen me before, I was ugly before. Look at me now, every day I’m looking younger.

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