MUST REAS!! Regina Daniels finally reveals reasons she married her billionaire husband ned Nwoko

Nigerian Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has been trending after her marriage to the Billionaire Ned Nwoko surfaced online. Many Nigerians accused Rita Daniels the Mother Of Regina Daniels of allowing her daughter to marry an old man just for his Money.

However, Ned Nwoko is 44years older than Regina Daniels and they both claim they are in Love. According to Ned Nwoko, He is a Muslim and is allowed to marry as many wives as he wants. Speaking in an Interview, Ned claims he i of Royal blood and has access to many women as he wants. He is prominent politician who is married to five women .

While talking to Regina, She claims it was Love at first sighted and after Proposed she was worried about what her family will say and not what the society thinks.

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