[MUST READ] Post COVID-19: Are you prepared? - Luqman Abidoye

It's no longer news that the emergence of COVID–19 has altered what used to be the norm for individuals and corporate organizations. Work from home policy has been encouraged or mandated while educational, religious, sporting activities and other events that encourage mass gathering have all been suspended in the view of maintaining social and physical distance.

Alas!!! We are all giving a compulsory holiday.

Joy captured the mind of many as they believed this is a divine opportunity to relax a bit. Most thought of it as a joke and believe it won't exceed the initial two weeks but they were shocked when it was extended by another 2 weeks which has also attracted additional one week.

It's indeed more than a month since the lockdown was imposed and we are left with no option than to abide strictly. Some had already taken full advantage of the situation while some let it slipped.

During this compulsory stay at home, some had a rethink about their life and put some corrective measures in place, some learnt new skills, some discovered their talents, some see new business opportunity /investment, some equipped themselves with adequate tools for the success of their businesses while all some does is to sleep and eat, waiting for the lockdown to end.

It's a bitter truth that at the end of the lockdown, new realities will start setting in and only those who had prepared for it will benefit.

How prepared are you for post COVID-19 events??

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