Many celebs lead people astray - Says Lateef Adedimeji (Read Full Details)

Actor, Lateef Adedimeji, has alleged that a lot of celebrities lead people astray. Speaking during an Instagram Live chat with comedian, Arole, the role interpreter said, “A lot of celebrities didn’t plan to be successful. The first secret of my success is having a plan. When I was coming into the industry, I knew it was possible to be an actor and succeed. It was also possible that I would not succeed. I asked myself several questions such as, ‘If I didn’t succeed, was I supposed to be there for the rest of my life’? ‘Did I have another plan in case things didn’t work out as planned’? ‘If I succeeded, how did I intend to use my fame’?

“A lot of celebrities lead people astray because members of the public see us as role models. People look up to you but are you prepared for being a role model? People may know something is black but they could believe it is white just because a celebrity called it white. As celebrities, how many people are we putting on the right track? How many people are we leading astray? As for me, I was prepared, even when I didn’t know I was going to be a star.”

On how he has been able to play different roles effortlessly, Adedimeji noted that he studies people a lot. “It is one thing to be talented; it is another thing to gather other things and incorporate them into that talent. I learn from virtually everything I see. I study everything I see and everyone I meet on a daily basis, building on each one of them before going to bed. At a time I needed to interpret 12 different characters, I went back to my archives and brought out the different characters that I had studied over time,” he said.

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