Fame has taught me not to talk too much - Paschaline Alex ( Read Full Story)

Actress, Paschaline Alex, popular for her role as ‘Cordelia’ in the television series, Jenifa’s Diary, is one role interpreter who has been steadily building her career over the years. The light-skinned entertainer in a chat with Sunday Scoop said stardom had taught her not to say too much because there was a tendency for people to miscontrue her words.

She said; Stardom has cautioned me not to say too much because people could change my words. I still do the things I like to do and go to places I delight in. I have tried not to let fame take my best moments away from me. Alex also recalled how she started her acting career. I studied French in school and I had been pursuing my acting career even before I graduated. I used to act in school and church. I love acting so much and as a matter of fact, I did it for fun in those days, she added.

On some of the challenges she experienced before stardom, the actress said, “Having to wait after auditions was one of the challenges I faced when I started out. One had to wait to hear if one got a call back. The worst part was that if one didn’t get the role, one would probably never be informed.” Asked what she does to be different as an actor, Alex said, “I take my work seriously and maintain discipline.”

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