Fake charities springing up over COVID-19 donations, Magu warns (Read Details)

It was reported that the, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has cautioned Nigerians against unsupported claims of fraudulent operators advertising cures and treatments of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.

Moreover, the Commission is also urging the public to be wary of fake charities springing up purporting to offer guidelines on donations to government and ordinary Nigerians in a bid to cope with the discomfort arising out of COVID- 19.

It was also added by the Acting Executive Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, that there was need for patriotic Nigerians to be cautious of fake Covid-19 'Do-it-yourself' tests and shun any fraudulent charities offering guidelines on donations to the public.

Mr Magu particularly cautioned against use of unwanted mobile applications from untrusted sources and fake multilevel marketing schemes with mouth-watering returns online.

The EFCC boss said: The FG has rolled out account details of accredited banks through which donations can be made. Further added saying; please, note that any other guideline for donations is fraudulent and should be ignored.

“Besides, members of the public should be cautious of online investment involving various money-doubling schemes.  We are tracking all those fraudulent operators.”

In a statement made available yesterday by the Acting Spokesperson of the EFCC, Tony Orilade, the EFCC boss also advised Nigerians against illegal “Robo Calls.”

According to him, such calls are meant to scam and steal the banking details of their victims. “Don’t press any number required by any illegal Robo Call.

The recording machine might require you to press a number for you to speak with an operator.  This is fraudulent.  Don’t press such a number”, he said.

The EFCC boss further wants Nigerians to exercise extreme cautions over the following measures: “Don’t click on links from any source that you don’t know. Doing so could download Malware onto your computer or device.

Don’t let anyone rush you into making a donation. Be alert and vigilant about online promotions and investment opportunities, especially on social media.”

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