Covid-19: Singapore invests disinfecting Robot (Read Details)

Naija442 gathered that Singapore researchers have invented a disinfecting robot with an arm that mimics human movement, to help take the load off overworked cleaners during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the 'XDBOT' is a box-shaped creation on wheels mounted with a dexterous robotic limb, which can reach awkward locations such as under tables and beds. And the robot was built by researchers at the city-state’s Nanyang Technological University, has a high-powered nozzle for spraying disinfectant and can tackle large surfaces rapidly.

It was also added that the Robot can be controlled remotely with a laptop or tablet, reducing the risk to cleaners of becoming infected with the virus, which has killed over 140,000 people worldwide.

Chen I-Ming, an NTU scientist who led the project, made it known that using the new robot from a distance, a human operator can precisely control the disinfection process with zero contact with surfaces.

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