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On Saturday, 28th of March,  2020,  I had the opportunity to be at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital for the first time in History. Since it is not a cinema or recreation centre, I don't ever pray to be there again for  similar purpose.  What actually led me to UITH on that Saturday was about the health of my stepmother who was referred to Teaching Hospital Ilorin from General Hospital Offa. Amidst lock down,  I drove her down to UITH on emergency as a result of her critical condition. Despite the fact that her sickness does not have anything to do with coronavirus,  we were not allowed to rush her to the emergency unit when we arrived at the Teaching Hospital. We were asked to leave her in the car and immediately we left her, a female medical expert with test kit came out to examine her temperature and other corona virus symptoms. After her assurance that her case does not involve coronavirus,  we were permitted to carry her out of the car to Emergency Unit. That was the first experience.

Secondly at the Emergency Unit, three different medical experts interrogated us to explain her condition and symptoms while in Offa. I was the one answering the questions one after the other. Three of them on different occasion asked similar questions to be sure that they didn't attend to coronavirus carrier carelessly.  The first question asked was about her travel history whether she has been outside the country and just come to Nigeria. I said she has never been to airport before. Another one asked whether she just travel back from Lagos and I said no. All other questions directed to me were answered appropriately. I didn't feel bad despite the pains she was going through at that moment. I knew they were doing the right thing to avoid coronavirus case in Kwara State. Thank God we left the hospital on Monday and my step mother is now healthy.

What actually stir this piece was about the coronavirus case in Kwara State. Till now,  I can't belief that the same hospital we went to that carried us through a rigor question and answer session to avoid Covid-19 now cover up an infected person till his death and still release his remain to the family for burial. My God! When will this country start to accord equal rights to citizens. Where were the specialists who interrogated me and carried out series of examination on my step mother? Why not carrying out the same thing on deceased to save themselves, deceased families and allies from contracting coronavirus. Don't let me blame the medical experts here. They took instruction from their Oga at the top to endanger themselves and others. This is one the effects of long leg in Nigeria.

Having read Fisayo, Soyombo's submission on the cover ups of the whole case, I have been worried on the numbers of people who had paid condolence visit to deceased wife. The numbers of Alfas who carried out Janazah bath,  prayer and burial process. The burning questions are: why the cover up, Why the lies on travel record of the deceased and his wife and of what benefit would the lie of food poison serve Kwarans? After all,  we had had prominent Nigerians who declared their status to the public.

I have read many opinions addressing the UITH personnel as quack and incompetent ones. I didn't agree. They are real experts with the experience I had with them. They really know what they are doing while their action to cover up the coronavirus case in Kwara State was borne out of conspiracy. This is real conspiracy theory propounded by University of Ilorin teaching hospital specialists, deceased ally ( Prof Salami ) and others. They want to keep the record of being a state without covid-19 case and now it has boomeranged. God will save us.

My sincere condolence goes to  deceased family in Offa. May God be pleased with him and may God save the world from this pandemic Virus. My dear Kwarans, Mr. Coro has come and it is the high time for real Kwarantine ( quarantine ). Let's continue to obey all safety rules to prevent further spread of covid-19.  Stop the panic and stay safe. There will always be light at the end of a tunnel. Shallom!.

Source: Busy Brain.

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