COVID-19: Fedpoffa Microbiology Lecturer Holds Online Lecture, Sensitizes Nigerians On Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

Mr. Awe Adewole Sunday, a lectures at the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State. He holds HND in Biology/Microbiology, Bsc in microbiology, Msc in Medical Microbiology. He however holds Online Lecture, Sensitizes Nigerians On Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment.

How Can COVID-19 Spread?

It can spread from person to  person. It has been reported to spread from Man to animal. It can also spread from animal to human, although very rare. It spreads mainly through respiratory droplets. If an infected person coughs or sneezes, he can release the virus into THE ENVIRONMENT in form of droplet. The droplet is called aerosol. Aerosol means a liquid  or particle that can stay in the air for a period of time but spread is likely WHEN PERSON is in close contact with the infected person. That is why NCDC advise social distancing of at least 1 meter because the virus can't travel more than 1  meter.

Note that the incubation period for this virus is 1-14 days. Incubation period mean when a person get infected with the virus till when the person start showing sign and symptoms. Meanwhile,  no insect has been reported to spread it.  It means MOSQUITO and  other insects can not spread it.

Corona Virus  Pathogenesis

The Virus attaches to the host cell with its spikes after attachment, the virus fuses with the cell membrane.
 The  Virus then  attaches  to the epithelial  cells  of  the lungs  of  which  is  the target  site for  the  virus  to cause havoc.

How To Protect Yourself/You Can Also Call It Prevention.

1. Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands  with  alcohol  based  hand  rub   or soap  and  water

 2. Maintain at least 1 meter social distancing
 from the person who is coughing, sneezing or probably talking while saliva comes from their mouth.

4. Cover  your mouth  and  nose with your bent  elbow or tissue  paper when  coughing or sneezing and
dispose the  tissue  paper immediately after use.

 5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and  mouth because the corona virus can only get into body through those means

Corona Virus  Symptoms

SYMPTOMS mean how to know if a person has the virus.
The symptoms are:
Fever, running nose,
dry cough, vomiting,  diarrhoea...etc

People That Are More Likely To Have This Infection?

- People that are 65 years and above
-  People that have underlying medical conditions such as lung disease,  heart problem, cancer,  smokers,  Immune compromised people,  HIV patients,  Obesity,  Diabetics, kidney and liver problem.

Treatment: How Do You Treat Corona Virus?

Let me say this: most viral diseases does not have a cure. I mean there are no drugs to kill most of the viral diseases. I said "most" but one thing one must know is that viral infection is self limiting.

That is it can come on it own and go on it Own WITHOUT taking a single drug.
A typical example is common cold
that we call catarrh
It is caused  by a virus
It is  just waste  of time and  money if using drug  for catarrh.
Corona virus does not have a cure for now and there is no  drug that can treat it for now. 80% of people that are infected with it recover fully without taking any drug
 It is only few people that develop complicated cases.
The recovery time for the virus is 2 weeks depending on  immune status and age. 3-6 weeks for recovery of people with severe critical condition.
If one is  taking necessary precautions, one don't have to worry  about contracting corona virus. Virus infections are not predictable. Scientists don't understand everything about viruses.

Question And Answer

1. Can we prepare virus?
2. Can we say sweat is a droplet?

- We cant prepare virus but virus can be genetically modified to get a new type.
We have some viruses that have been genetically modified to do some stuffs like killing insects, producing protein...etc

- Sweat is not a droplet. A droplet is anything suspended in the air liquid or particles that can stay in the air for sometime. Droplet is also called Aerosol
 It can  contain  microorganisms. if  a droplet contains microorganisms,  it is referred to as BIOAEROSOL.

This covid-19,  does it have half life and what's the half life?

It will have because all microorganisms have half life. I believe scientists are still working to determine the half life. The half life is not known for now. What they are interested in for now is the drug that can kill it.

My question is: they said the virus have no cure yet... How are they treating those that are discharged?

Most of  them recovered on their own. I said earlier that it is self limiting. Someone can have it and recovered on it own without taking a single drug.

Since the likely infected persons are those between 65 years and above,  does that mean adolescents can't be affected by the virus?

I did not say adolescents can contract the virus. What I said was that  people that are of higher risk of having complications when they have the virus are 65 years and above. And any person can contract this virus.

What is the sample collected from patient?

The samples are  respiratory secretion, mucus, throat swab...etc

Does the virus only affect the respiratory tract?

Yes. It is a respiratory tract infection.
It is a brother of SARS.

I thought they said when the symptoms start showing the lung is already 50% damage,. How true is this sir?

What animal or organism can we trace the virus to?

Camel, cattle, cat, bat

Can someone  be a victim of corona virus twice?.

Yes,  if appropriate  measures is not taken,
 It has been reported to infect people more than once.

What can you say about chloroquine?

Chloroquine have been reported to work against it. The person that tested in did it inside a test tube. Although he claimed to be effective against it but his work have not been scientifically proven. Once it is proven, they authorize the use of chloroquine against it

Does ventilator helps in curing the virus?

It is not true. Most of the people have difficult in breathing hence the need for a ventilator.

What is the risk of infection in pregnant women and neonates?

The risk of infection in pregnant woman is certain. So many pregnant woman have been reported to have but it has not affected d neonates. But it does not mean it can or it cant affect neonates. More research is going on in that direction.

Can it be transferred to others after the death of infected person?.

Yes. A case have been reported in Thailand.

Sanitizer is made up of chemicals such as isopropy, H2O2 and spirit which are capable of destroy bacteria cell wall and on every sanitizer it is written on it as antibacterial. So how can antibacterial be use to prevent virus?.

From research, alcohol is not only bactericidal but it can kill microorganisms. Maybe the producer of the hand rub lack adequate information about the mode of action of alcohol. Alcohol has antimicrobial activities.

What is the risk factors for severe illness?

Old age, smoking, people with one disease or the other like diabetics, liver and kidney problem.

How possible and how managed can one recover from a Deadly virus?

It depends on one immune status, age and underlying medical conditions. If the immune system of the person is competent enough, it may be able to ward off the virus. Recovery depends on age, immune status, underlying medical conditions.

Is it true that those with blood 'A' type are likely to contract the virus easily than other blood types?*

It has not been scientifically proven that some blood groups are prone to having the virus than others.

Can person contract the virus through naira note?

Yes, If an infected discharge the virus on note and a person touches the money and after touching the money put his or her hand inside the mouth or nose. There is every chance a person might have it. But it has not been reported to be transferred through money.

Since corona virus can go on its own without taking drug, why are people now dying?.

The virus can be fatal insome people and mild in some people. For now, the scientists does not understand fully it mode of action.

A virologist said building up the immune system help to break the virus from the cells and break into fragments. Now is it the above situation that happen to those who were tested positive again after being tested negative.

I can't say yes or no until it is scientifically proven. Further research need to be done too to ascertain the claim.

WHO encourages all countries to enhance their surveillance for severe acute respiratory infections (SARI), to carefully review any unusual patterns of SARI or pneumonia cases and to notify WHO of any suspected or confirmed case of infection with novel corona virus. How do we have say to this?.

That is the essence of tracing anybody that have a travel history of visiting the country that has been affected by the virus. The rules are: Trace the person, test the person and quarantine the person.

Since alcohol kills the virus on hands,  why can't it kill it inside too by taking alcohol like Regal gin etc.

Alcohol will mix with some many thing inside one before it gets to the virus and besides 70% alcohol is dangerous for the internal organs.

Alcohol will be diluted or  I mean the effect of alcohol will be reduced before it gets to the site because it will mix with a lotothersings.

How true is it that the consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of Covid 19?

What's your view on this?. Let's hear from you all.

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