Brymo has come under attack over Twitter goof once again (Read Full Details)

Brymo who just released his 7th studio album “Yellow” has been criticised on twitter for his controversial views and engagements on Twitter. In his recent series of tweets, he made statements about making huge Numbers which got his fans angry and reminded him on the tweet he made way back saying “Numbers do lie”.
His fans on Twitter didn’t mince words in condemning him over that statement.

One user put it this way: “Lol The way Artistes swear it's not by 'Numbers' till they Legit start doing Huge Numbers then they start using it as a Yardstick as well is just 🤦‍♂️ See Brymo o.. dey use 'Numbers' judge 'Best' work”. This didn’t end here, his fans also criticized his recent tweet where he asked his fans to tell two of their favorite artistes to go on two years break without featuring and see if they will still remain relevant.

Twitter fans didn’t find this statement funny, thinking he was trying to shade Davido, Wizkid and Burna Boy.

A twitter fan said; “The comparison between Brymo, Wizkid and Davido is uncalled for. Brymo makes music for those recovering from Yabaleft, to help them become mentally alright. Davido and Wizkid makes music for the well and healthy ones to boost their balling immune system. That’s the tweet.I’m DONE”. Another twitter fan adds:”Brymo has the mind to shade Wizkid and Davido cos y’all feeding his ego with the “good music “ BS you listen to Brymo or ASA or doesn’t mean you’re into good music ,good music to me is anything that’s appealing to my ears ,If Small Doctor is appealing to me then it’s good music!!”. A certain tweetfing says: ”Brymo thinks posing with a G-string at Elegushi beach & playing piano naked makes him superior to his colleagues that put on some clothes.
Trolling Burna Boy's talent unprovoked is a tad too much for a naked video vixen whose most popular musical achievement is 'Oleku' chorus”. By @officialbcot

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