Man burns 3 churches because he is still poor despite their prosperity preachings (Details)

It was reported that the Nigerian Police officials have arrested one 'John Reagan Ngobi' 21-years-old on Monday, for allegedly set three churches ablaze in Uganda, because they preach prosperity gospel but his poverty condition is getting worst everyday and they failed to get him out of poverty.

According to the information gathered via a police statement issued shortly after his arrest, the suspect, John Reagan Ngobi, told them that he got angry because he remained in poverty.

Further added saying: His poverty situation motivated him to buy two litres of petrol and one for paraffin which he used to burn church property with the intent to burn the churches completely to ashes.

In his mind up to now since he left the fire burning in these respective churches, he still believes that the churches were completely burnt,” the statement read in part.

However, Mr. Ngobi reported himself at Kira Police Division, where he is being held armed with three brand new knives which he told police were for self-defense in case he was caught in action.

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