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In Nigeria, anyone who has the opportunity to be elected for once would always be dreaming to run for second term. Although, this is not peculiar to only politicians because human beings are highly insatiable. Even Mr. President  who declared publicly to contest for single term eventually changed his mindset and contested again in 2019. It has become a general maxim and laid down precept for political office holders to always find any means to remain in power. President, Governors, Senators, Honourables are in this circle of recycling. If not that Jagaban of Lagos broke the wings of Gov. Ambode, it is really rare to see a governor of any ruling party to run a single tenure. That's the nature of our dear country.

It's no more a convolution that Govenor Oyetola led administration has abolished the  education policy of his predecessor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.  Oyetola constituted a committee led by  Professor Oluremi Aina to review and look into education policy in the state while the resolution of the committee came up with new policy that is in tandem with national education system. The reversal of the past administration's policy on education has been termed as an embarrassment by their political chieftains but I have never seen it as one. To me,  it is a brilliant decision ahead of 2022 gubernatorial election.

Despite the fact that, Aregbesola and Oyetola belong to the same political party and faction, I want to believe their ideology, policy and system of governance would be totally different. Sons and daughters of the same family or twin brothers/sisters from the same womb would never act and operate in the same way. Aregbesola had his own ideology and system of governance; he applied it and implemented the policies he thinks would best work for him. The same is apparently applicable  to Governor Oyetola by reviewing policies and initiating the ideas that would suit his administration. Where did he go wrong? 

I still find it difficult to comprehend why people would find the new education policy as a slap to Aregbesola's administration. The ruling party should rather commend Gov. Oyetola for correcting a big mistake made by Aregbesola. It is beyond reasonable doubt that Gov. Aregbe was one of the best Governors in Nigeria during his era with physical projects. Aregbe really transformed Osun State with jumbo achievements but two things  awarded him numbers of criticisms: half payment of salary and single uniform for all schools.

During my service year in one of the secondary schools in Osun State, the lyrics of the teachers was about half payment of salary and single uniform for their schools. As a matter of fact, no civil servant would ever happy to live on debts and loans without prospect. On the school uniform, my experience was not palatable when secondary school students engage in crisis with weapons and charms. it is always tiring to identify ruffian students that fuelled the scene because they all put on the same uniform. The two errors in Aregbesola's administration made 2018  election to be more tougher. Of course, it was narrow escape victory for Governor Oyetola. If things should continue that way, with half payment and single uniform policy, his second term is in jeopardy.

Absolutely, the opposition party in the State Of Osun will never be happy with the way the current administration changed the policy simply because that has been their selling point. What opposition candidate would use to campaign has already been done by Gov. Oyetola led administration. Oyeyola has won the heart of many people in Osun by reviewing his man's policy. Many would like him more for  dancing to the tunes of the masses rather than his party, many would applaud him for the good job such as road construction, full payment of salaries and for returning the education policy to the normal standard. I think Governor Oyetola is trying to secure  his second tenure ticket. He has made his selling point known through his transformation agenda. In as much as Aregbe's name can never be forgotten, Governor Oyetola is also writing his own history on the platter of gold.

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