GOOD NEWS!! Nigerian professor discovers cure for 'Corona Virus and Lassa Fever'

It was reported by 'Thenation' that a Nigerian professor of virology, names Maduike Ezeibe, has said he has a cure for the corona 'Covid-19' virus and Lassa fever.

The report revealed that, Ezeibe, is the Dean of College of Veterinary Medicine, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU). Further added that professor Ezeibe said his therapy has the potency to cure coronavirus and lassa fever.

However, the professor of Virology who gave the chemical equation of the therapy as (AI4(SiO4)32AI2Mg3(SiO4)3) said it’s a mechanism for curing Covid -19 and Lassa fever.

On how the therapy works, Professor Ezeibe said that electrostatic attraction would make electrically charged medicines mop pathogens which have opposite charges is a known scientific fact and that viruses and abnormal (infected /tumor) cells are electrically charged is now known.

Covid-19 virus and Lassa fever virus (DNA viruses) are negatively charged. Small sizes of viruses enable them infect cells, inaccessible to big molecules.

So, existing antiviral medicines need immunity to complement their effects but some viruses cause immune deficiency.

As a silicate, AMS also normalizes immunity and as a stabilizing agent, it enhances the efficacy of antimicrobials to achieve effective treatment secondary infections.

Effective treatment of secondary infections would cure any viral /abnormal cell diseases including Covid -19 and Lassa fever.

He expressed confidence that the therapy which had already proved reliable in the treatment of HIV/AIDS would make coronavirus a thing of the past.

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