Coronavirus: When Nigeria hospital becomes valuable to Atiku's son (Read Details)

In Nigeria, we are not only battling corona virus, we are also harvesting the maize of corruption planted by our wicked politicians. Initially, Federal Government's  confidence and courage was too pervasive  when there were no victims. Now, the victims have come and getting exacerbated.  The sit at home syndrome has become a salvation lyrics. There is God.

Unlike other countries whose isolation centres and health facilities stand still,  ours is still a crawling toddler in the hands of corruption. Countless time,  our health workers had embarked on strike. But our government  cares no more  about strike. Our Health and Education sectors  have been a sorry case for long and it is likely to remain in sorry case because our politicians' academic and health related matters including that of their children are being solved in US, UK, China...etc. Worse still, after  corruption trial in the court of law, the next thing is to be granted bail to travel out of the country for medical attention. Imagine,  These people  have never for once trusted Nigerian medical personnel because they know the condition of the hospitals they built. They know it lacks standard facilities and equipments that can survive them if they make use of it. Now,  the hospitals and health workers they didn't care about are the last hope of survival against Corona Virus. Wonderful.

God forbids bad thing, it would be very difficult to survive the further spread of this Virus. Why?  there are no accommodations in our hospitals and isolation centres coupled with poor facilities,  shortage of medical experts. The best thing is to take heed to the sit at home directives and other precautionary measures.

As a matter of fact,  If  this virus is peculiar to Nigeria or only African countries,  Atiku's Son would never be taken to Nigeria hospital. In fact,  many out of our politicians would have traveled out of the country and leave the poor masses to face it. But Nigeria hospitals are now valuable because we are in this mess together. Both the rich and the poor,  the government and the governed,  Mr. Corona virus doesn't understand whether you are a Senator or an Honourable. Of course, Government's negligence towards health sector because of the alternative and access the officials  have to travel abroad has come back to haunt them.  While other countries abide by  health is wealth maxim, our politicians think corruption is wealth. The harvest of that corruption is now at the corridor. We are watching.

It is a pity that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar that is forming patriotism on Twitter  didn't tell Nigerians when his son came back from abroad without undergoing quarantine system or 14 days self isolation. His son's positive status to wicked corona  forced Atiku  to announce and call for prayer. Who knows the numbers of people that have embraced the virus through him?

In as much as one will not cease to give kudos to our health personnel and National Centre For Disease Control,  one should not stop  prayers for the  victims  throughout the world including Atiku's Son.

Instead of generator bill, social media regulation bill and other nonsensical bill trending in Nigeria,   the senate should pass a bill that would stop officials to visit abroad for medical attention  in order to have good and standard health centres across the country. May God save us from the scourge of Covid-19 in 2020. Amen

Source: By opinion writer and journalist, Busy Brain.

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