Coronavirus: T.B Joshua Prophecy And Social Media Challenge (Read Details)

The case of Coronavirus has been giving a tough time from the beginning and now, it is getting more tougher when the level of infected persons in our states are getting hiker on  daily basis. The virus  that does not have a particular solution yet is on the rise  like blood pressure. If this is not the end of the world,  then,  the end is almost near.

Out of this catastrophic display of Corona Virus all over the world, Nigerian popular pastor seems to have found solution through a prophetic eyes. Pastor T.B Joshua prophesized that the pandemic virus would end on  Friday 27th of March 2020. Since our professors instead of helping Nigerians out of the problem by carrying out different  research embarked on strike, Nigerians would never mind the calibre of person that wants to  come up with solution and with auspicious minds, we await the end of Covid-19 as prophesized by T.B Joshua. Unfortunately on that Friday,  new cases were discovered and confirmed. What went wrong with the prophecy? It failed. 

Amidst T.B Joshua prophecy,  the compulsory stay at home system has ushered in different  drama and challenge on social media. Particularly, on whatsap status. Idleness has no vaccine. The Pregnancy challenge, uploading  lock screen pic,  best pic,  7th pic on gallery and nominating 8 other persons to join the challenge  is an example of drama triggered by Corona Virus. It seems we have left the solution to the government and decided to start making fun out of it. In actual sense,  it affects us more than the government because of the  stay at home syndrome without making relief. No one disputes the fact that staying at home is the best to prevent the further spread of this virus but relief materials must be made available to prevent hunger. Government should make relief while we stay at home.

Shame on our professors of science and medical related courses for going on strike at this dire period. They should have joined the government, ministry of health and National Centre for Disease Control to combat corona virus together. There can't be lecturers if there are no students on campus. Strike is not the solution to corona virus.  All hands should be on deck. 

Kudos to Pastor T.B Joshua for his positive prophecy. T.B Joshua should put more effort  and  pick another date for the end of corona virus. Of course, we need positive prophesies at this moment. Covid-19 shall become history sooner or later.  May God deliver us from Covid-19 in 2020. Amen!

Source: Busy Brain.

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