Coronavirus in Aso Rock, the rich also cry - Busy Brain (Read Full Details)

Now,  corona virus is consuming big men in the country who only mingle with the masses during campaigns and rallies. Recently,   the carriers of this pandemic virus are those who decide what goes out to the poor masses. Those in the helm of affairs and the custodians of political power and authority in the country. What a pity, their poor assiduity to the  health sector has come back to roost.

The outcome of being a sailor who paddles the pertinent affairs of the country is obviously in display now. Or is it not obvious when Abba Kyari could not submit himself to isolation or quarantine system after coming back from Germany. He wrote a letter to the House of Rep. to complain about those who didn't undergo corona test at the airport. I don't understand why he is also in that circle. Well,  power intoxicates and it belches is already in circulation in Aso Rock. No room for traveling out now. Nigeria is our country.

Funnily enough,  we joke with almost everything and make comedies out of burning issues. Instead of putting all hands on deck, Nigerians are good at making comic relief but poor at proffering solution to solve problems. I'm cock sure,  our politrick cians and legis-looters  would never believe this virus could reach  them this way. Instead of being proactive,  they keep on sharing pictures, greeting with elbows, making corona a laughing stock. Today, corona made a courtesy visit to the villa through Abba Kyari and the rest is now a story. My God!

At this juncture, anyone who thinks corona issue is still a drama or an avenue to loot more money should make a solidarity greetings to the villa and hug anyone who had connection with Abba Kyari. Our mentality  always revolve around corruption. I know,  it is in our living rooms but this time around,  corruption should be set aside. Corona virus is real.

If anyone wants to be awarded as philanthropist of the year,  this is the right time to feel the impact. Of course,  Ali baba and Mrs Alakija have been on the front roll on charity move to donate kits and sanitizers  against corona. We are waiting for our politicians who always react fast when it comes to house to house campaign at the grassroots. This is not the time to share congo of rice,  semo and garri. They should start sharing  hand sanitizers,  face mask and ex-gratia relief house to house at the grassroot as well. Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, Adeleke and the likes are financially needed at this dire time.

No one is happy on the pandemic virus ravaging the world but it has brought a lot of lessons to  our government officials. After all, Abba Kyari is involved,  Atiku's Son included, Bauchi Governor added and many more in isolation.  After the scourge of corona virus, our government needs to go back to the drawing board. They need to think beyond their self aggrandizement agenda. Something needs to be done to our health sector. As it affects the world, it affects us all. If this is a sin, may God forgive us.  May God save us from this mess. Corona virus in Aso Rock,   the rich also cry. Indeed,  health is wealth.

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