Banky and I have been self-isolating for a few days now - Adesua reacts (Read Details)

Celebrity couple, Banky W and Adesua, have both revealed they have been indoors for a few days prior to the announcement that a participant at the AMVCA tested positive for coronavirus

Adesua, in her reaction to the report, wrote ;
To all of us who attended the AMVCA – please let’s stay indoors. I’m begging you. Let’s be responsible. Edakun. Bubba and I have been indoors for a few days now but it’s imperative that we ALL adhere to the call to self isolate. Let’s not unknowingly put others at risk.

Banky on his part, shared ;

Mrs W and I were already self-isolating since last week.. and here’s the thing… everyone else who attended the AMVCA’s should already have been doing the same. This threat is real. Don’t wait until you know an infected person before you take it seriously. Please.

Nigeria is tough… a lot of our people cannot afford to stay home because their daily food comes from being out, hustling on the streets for work. If you can afford to stay home and you have chosen not to, that’s either ignorance or wickedness, or both. And it’s not okay!!!

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