Stay away from sport betting - Cleric man warn Nigerian youths (Read Details)

The report has revealed that pastor Moses Ezera of the Redeemed Peoples Mission, Rayfield branch, Jos, has condemned the act of sports betting which has being patronized by some Nigerians youths.

However, Mr Ezera has disclosed this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria on Monday, described betting as an act of gambling carried out by idle minded people, adding that God is against the act of gambling for Christians.

It was however added that the people who indulge in the act of gambling have no plans for themselves and as such they can easily fall prey to various negative vices. Because gambling has led some youths into committing suicide, as they borrowed monies to participate in the betting activity, but failed to get proceeds to enable them to pay back.

And moreover, the fact that few persons have won does not make it an option for youths to indulge in it as an option for making money and it is illegal in the sight of God. The Cleric further added that some people even indulged in an armed robbery to get money in order to put into the betting activity.

He, therefore, advised youths to learn skills to enable them to become self-reliant and even become employers of labor.

He also advised them against desperation for quick money such that they would abandon their skills or jobs.

Ezra then cautioned them to shun gambling generally, and have purpose and vision for their lives by working and learning skills, and God would bless their efforts.

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