NYSC registration Procedure and 2020 registration update (Check Details)

You will have to log in to the official NYSC website at Click Here To Access The Portal and create your NYSC account. And then You will be required to provide the necessary information requested as listed below:-

  1. Names (Surname and Other names),
  2. Email address,
  3. Confirm email address,
  4. Password,
  5. Confirm password,
  6. Phone no.,
  7. Graduated from,
  8. Program,
  9. Then click on 'continue'.

However, all the details provided will be sent to your email address. So after confirming your email address, then you proceed to log in to the NYSC portal to continue your registration.

Below are the tips to Guide prospective members during NYSC online registration:-

  • Make sure you are not thumbprint by proxy 'Nobody should thumbprint for you, thumbprint should be done by you'.
  • Your passport photograph you want to upload should be a very cleared one.
  • And you must not forget the Username and Password used during your online registration.
  • Moreover, Apply for correction of spelling mistakes and rearrangement of names on your dashboard. It is ongoing even after the Orientation Exercise. 
  • And make sure you cross-check your records before submission to avoid wrong details.

You can click any of the below Website address for your NYSC registration:

  1. www.nysc.gov.ng
  2. nysc.org.ng
  3. portal.nysc.org.ng

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