Like CAN, Like MURIC: The religious groups with controversies (Read Full Details)

Anytime I think about the affairs of this nation, I do ask myself: what have we done wrong to deserve these killings and maiming in our regions? At times, within my innards, I always ask: what are the genesis of the problems marauding the nation? From Boko Haram bombings to Fulani herdsmen killings; Banditry and kidnappings are much more pervasive. For how long will it take us to find a way out ?  Are there no Holy men from our religious groups who can talk to God to bestow His blessings upon our nation and restore peace? Sorry case! Some of our so called men of God are even worse, they are the ones  making headlines with exasperating and shocking news stories.

Gone are those days, if there's no peace in the land, the Holy Men in conglomeration will come together and speak to God in one voice. They will talk to God swiftly to spell out some malignant nemesis on the evil men and restore peace. But not any more, the crop of  Holy men we have now cannot speak to God. Many have exhausted their air times; many have poor network except for the few ones who still maintain 4G to connect the Almighty God. For those that engage in fake  prophesies and lobby the government in power, tell me, how will God answer our prayers when the ten percent and zakat  offered emanated from the looted fund? Allahu Akbar in Jesus Name, unholy men swindling with Holy name. If we continue to  run things this way, will there ever be peace ?

Sincerely, the mode of operation of our religious groups in Nigeria is more than worrisome. I didn't feel sorry to say they are part and parcel of our problems but continue to point accuse fingers at political leaders. Having read the comments of Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN)  on Boko Haram killings and Leah Sharibu's hostage and Muslim Rights Concern's ( MURIC)  comments on Operation Amotekun, I have come to a facile conclusion that, these religious groups have nothing to offer this country than to get things out of hand.

Or Isn't it irritating when CAN accused the Federal Government of working with Boko Haram to Islamise Nigeria? Isn't it appalling that MURIC tagged Operation Amotekun a Christians' outfit all in the name of religion?  I don't know how these  associations do select their leaders but the current set of leaders paddling the groups are not helping the matter. Giving religious colouration to security issues is a big problem entirely. Is it possible for Federal Government to sponsor Boko Haram even when thousands of innocent citizens, Armed Forces are paying the price on daily basis. Will Buhari led administration be so happy while Leah Sharibu still in evil men's den ? Boko Haram was tough during Gooodluck Jonathan's regime; it is more tougher now. Boko Haram doesn't have a specific direction and what they really want remains unknown to both the government and the governed. Who will now bear the blame for the loss of lives? It is still the government but the blame game should not come from those that prayed for their emergence.

Recently, one of the prominent pastors staged a prayer walk on the streets to express disapproval on the nature of killings in the country. For real, we are tired of these gory scenes. It's getting unbearable. When I read the news, I commended the prayer walk but still, something seems unclear to me. During electioneering, the so called politicians  who have failed today in the area of security visited different Mosques and Churches to receive blessings in order to be victorious. They attended their Ministries for prayer in order to emerge as winners. Many out of our Holy men had their shares from the loots. Of course, the money used to get private jets by pastors and exotic cars by Alfas didn't come directly from heaven. Larger portion came from the purse of looters and these looters believe that, God has forgiven them of their sins because the anointed Imams and Pastors could not tell them the truth. But why? Why will  our men of God hide the truth from these nefarious grandeurs during election and point fingers for failing us now? Our Imams and Pastors should have informed our political leaders that corruption is evil in the Holy Books before embracing their zakats and ten percent. The level of today's insecurity is an output of corruption.

Alas!  It's very appalling that our agents of socialization have failed us woefully. The media has been asphyxiated and porous, Political class is nothing but a failure, entertainment industry has been infected by Marlians virus and our sanctified men of God that occupy  CAN and MURIC are the agents of controversies. This government has failed us in the area of protecting lives and properties through Armed Forces, our MURIC and CAN have also failed us as weak prayer warriors. Like CAN, like MURIC, the religious groups with controversies in Nigeria.

Source: Busy Brain

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