Korede Bello speaks about his relationship with Iyabo Ojo’s daughter (Read Story)

It was reported that Nigerian superstar singer and Mavin Record artiste, Korede Bello, has talked about his relationship with Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, his career as among others as he celebrates his birthday every leap year.

However, in his recent interview with Punch, Korede Bello, who was born on February 29, revealed that the only quality he desires in a potential partner is a lady who strongly connect with her God, herself and him.

He added in his words saying: The only quality that truly matters is a strong connection. A connection with God, herself and with me. Every other thing doesn’t really matter. Besides, a dream woman will always be a dream. I want a real woman.

While speaking about his birthday, he said: I must confess it does make me feel special. I don’t have to feel like I’m getting older every year 'laughs' and moreover It is truly special to anticipate something for four years because that teaches someone a lot about patience and rewards. Because all the birthdays I’ve had have been memorable because I had four years to plan for them, he said.

On the accusations of being a woman wrapper and his secret romance with Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla, He said: people see me as a womanizer. I don’t even know what that word means anymore. I guess when one attracts a lot of female attention and love, they call one a womanizer.

As for my rumored relationship with Priscilla, she would be in a better position to respond to that (laughs). Responding to a question on whether he would be getting married soon, the artiste said, Wedding bells are always sounding every Saturday. Perhaps, you have not been paying attention.

I even try to put bells in my songs because my name is Bello. If you listen closely to the song, ‘Sun mo Mi’, you would hear wedding bells and hints of a potential wedding.

On the belief that he has yet to live up to expectations career-wise, Korede Bello said, I don’t react to issues, I would rather respond. As for this question, I would let my music answer it.

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