Kidnap Kingpin Punishes member who raped an abductee (Read Full Details)

It was reported that a kidnap kingpin, named Maduabuchi Amamba, has revealed how he punished one of his gang members who was identify as Ifeanyi Sylvanus, for raping one of their female victims.

However, Amamba, also disclosed that he deducted N40,000 from Sylvanus’ ransom share as a punishment for his behaviour. It was further added that five cars and 10 mobile phones which belongs to their victims while Ak-47 rifle, a pump-action gun, five locally-made pistols and cartridges were recovered from them.

Amamba, 30, said that he participated in several kidnappings including the abduction of a reverend father whom they freed after collecting N400,000 ransom.

It however disclosed in his statement saying: We kidnapped a woman in a Jeep and we took her to Ojaba’s house. Bacause the person who brought the job for us had already told us that the woman could afford N20m ransom but her husband eventually paid N2m. But I wasn't aware that Ifeanyi (Sylvanus) raped the woman, immediately I was notified about the incident after the ransom was paid, I asked him and he confessed that he had sex with the woman about four times. So I deducted N40,000 from his share as a punishment and gave him N120,000. So we later sold the woman’s vehicle to one Sunny who resides in Imo State for N400,000.

moreover, In January 2020, we kidnapped a lawyer on Obingwa Road. He spent three days in our camp before he paid us ransom of N200,000 and I got N34,000 as my own share but my friends also sold the lawyer’s car.


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