I will win my second term with support of my residence not the 'Unit Forum ' - Akeredolu

Governor of Ondo State, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has warned all the member of the ‘Unity Forum’ to desist from being a stumbling block in his re-election bid as he stressed that he will defeat their plans.

It was disclosed by Akeredolu, who spoke during the commissioning of road networks in Akure, the state capital, members of the group did not support him during his first time and their is no need for them to support during his reelection campaign.

He emphasized that he would not need the group led by Alhaji Ali Olanusi during his reelection campaign as they have drawn a battle line against him and his government.

While attacking the group, Akeredolu said Ali Olanusi, who was a Deputy Governor and Chairman of a political party could not tar a kilometer of road in his community.

Akeredolu said his government tarred the road in the community and yet he said what he saw was just a kilometer of road.

He said those criticizing him are ‘’blind and do not deserve to be pitied.’’

The governor said the projects he embarked on would speak for him during the reelection campaign

Further added saying: We will fight them no matter their age because how could a man of over 70 years be ganging up against a performing government? We will win with or without them.

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