F-SARS: A menace to Nigerian humanity (Read Full Story)

It no more a story of the cruel activities, inhuman treatment, indiscriminate shooting and killings of innocent Nigerians by the special anti robbery squad (F-sars), on Nigerians as average citizen perceived the establishment as a threat to humanity. Sars was established under the Nigerian police and trained to handle and tackle any related robbery vices but portrayed themselves as a menace to the society due to thier carefree activities on Nigerians.

Nigerian youths most especially the male painted Sars as dreaded as Boko-haram when set their eyes on the group as they find the nearest escape route to avoid them. The establishment has tagged Nigerian male youths has been as yahoo boys especially if seen well dressed, a stylish hair-cut and driving an exotic car.

Although, it has not been disputed that there are no yahoo boys in Nigerian communities, but Sars should not judge all books by its covers on no account should they judge  all Nigerian male youths are into yahoo as a way of life. The group has ignored the main responsibility of its establishment as they now see trailing the male youth to their untimely death as their top priorities just because of the bribe transferred to them when caught any yahoo victim to gain their freedom, the group is of no difference as the Nigerian corrupt politicians who looted the Nations treasury as the money claimed would never be remited.

Just of recent, a footballer and the vice-captain of Remo stars football club Kazeem Tiamiyu A.k.a "kaka" on Saturday February, 22 met his untimely death in Sagamu area of Ogun state while he was portrayed as yahoo boy by sars. As of today no fewer than five persons, including two policemen, were feared killed after hundreds of protesters including women and children flooded streets in Sagamu, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, to register their anger over the death of the footballer as they are calling upon the federal government to disorganize Sars.

Moreso, about 11 months ago a young man named Kolade Johnson was allegedly shot dead by a member of the sars group while he was watching a premier league match between Liverpool and Tottenham in lagos. There are many occasions where this group have been involved in carefree activities in Nigeria but the government kept mute about it. Nigeria is now a place where the insurgents kills and our own security operatives who are to protect the Nigerian citizens and their properties also involved in killings of innocent citizens.

It being a while where Nigerian citizens have been summoning the government over the inhuman actions of the sars on Nigerians and urged the government to put an end to the group operations in Nigeria but it as if the Nigerian government ignored the citizens. It the right time where the Nigerian government should take action and find a possible solution to stop the F-sars before Nigerians would take actions into their own hand in response to what is currently going on in Sagamu, Ogun state over the death of Tiamiyu Kazeem so as things not getout of hand.

Source: Amao Mumini Olalekan.

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