Corruption is the biggest challenge facing Nigeria’s not leadership – EFCC

Mrs Theresa Nwosu, the head of public affairs of the department of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Uyo Zonal Office, on Tuesday has disclosed that corruption is the main Nigeria’s biggest challenge and not the leadership.

Mrs Nwosu, claimed this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Calabar, stating that corruption has eaten deep into all the fabric of Nigerians lives.

She further explained that the EFCC has put all hands on deck to ensure the eradication of corruption in order for Nigeria to succeed.

In her statement she said: You heard Mr President sometimes ago when he said that if we don’t kill corruption, it will kill the nation, that is how bad it is.

“Every Nigerian knows that the problem we have in Nigeria today is corruption and whether this corruption wants to die or not, we will kill it.

“Although, many still see the activities of the commission as a witch-hunt, the big question is if you have classified EFCC as witch-hunters, why do you still make yourself a witch for EFCC to hunt?

“There is no innocent person that has been convicted, even though EFCC is not the judiciary that does the convictions.

“It is important to state that every Nigerian must get involved if we must succeed in killing this hydra-headed monster as it has permeated our lives.

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