Amotekun will improve the whole Nigeria’s Economy - Gani Adams reveals

Aare Ona Kakanfo, Iba Gani Adams, has made it known while addressing newsmen on the sideline of a one-day Stakeholders Forum on a bill for a law to Amend the Lagos State neighborhood safety corps law 2019 to Establish Lagos Amotekun Corps.

It was disclosed by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) who reports that the Public Hearing was organized by the Lagos State House of Assembly. And it was added that Amotekun is a welcome development, psychologically it will send the signal to the criminals that Yoruba people are ready to maintain law and order, and complement the efforts of security agencies in Nigeria.

However, as a matter of fact, if South-West is well secured, investors will come into the zone and it will be an advantage to the economy of Nigeria. Because if the economy of the country is booming, it is not only the South-West that will benefit from it. The commonwealth will be shared to other regions.

It was further explained by 'Gani Adams' that the outfit would help secure people in various communities and gather intelligence for security organizations and other government agencies.

According to him, Amotekun is neither meant to harm any ethnic nationality nor is it an enemy of non-Yoruba people who had been residing in Lagos for more than 200 years.

We are not tribalistic and we believe in justice and fair play. We believe that irrespective of where you come from, you are a Lagosians, you are a Westerner in as much that you are not a criminal.

When you are a criminal, you are an enemy of Amotekun; you are enemy of Yoruba land. But if you are living and believing in law and order, there won’t be a problem.

I am telling you categorically, the fear of some people is that we are trying to create a state police, it is not,” he added.

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