Trump to place travel restrictions on Nigeria, and six other countries (Read Details)

United State President, Donald Trump, is planning to place travel restrictions to Nigeria and six African and Asian countries, this was reported by Wall Street Journal.

Government officials who have seen the list said new restrictions would apply to travelers and immigrants from Nigeria, Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Sudan and Tanzania.

This was disclosed by one of the senior administration official to Donald Trump, saying that any country who failed to comply with security requirements, including biometrics, information-sharing and counter-terrorism measures, would be affected.

The countries wouldn’t necessarily face blanket bans on travel to the U.S., but could have restrictions placed on specific types of visas, such as business or visitor visas, government officials said.

Some countries could be banned from participating in the diversity visa lottery program.

The officials said the list isn’t final, and on Tuesday the White House was still debating whether to include one or two of the countries.

The planned restrictions might be implemented on Monday, WSJ said.

The president has since said its policy restricting travel is necessary to prevent potential acts of terrorism, as countries on the list don’t adequately vet their travelers to the U.S.

This is not the first time Trump will place travel restrictions on countries.

Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, as well as some Venezuelan officials and their relatives are under different travel restrictions placed on them by Trump.

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