Students To Be Allow To Write Semester Test Without Receipt -Kenraj

By Folaranmi Ajayi, Gabriel Ojo

The Student Union (SUG) President,  Comr Raji Kehinde aka Kenraj has assured the students of writing their mid semester test without school fees receipts.

Kenraj who made this known  during an exclusive interview with NEB, said the union and management has reached an agreement to let all students write the test without receipt.

It's worthy of note that the Management has made it known through a memo signed J.A Fadeji for the registrar that students will have to present evidence of payment before being allow to write the test.

According to Kenraj, the management laments the poor turn out of students regarding the payment of school fees but he pleaded for more time stating that all students will pay the fees sooner or later.

He said, "We met with management on it and they said it is only few students that paid their school fee and school is not running free. We plead to them and told them to allow us for some time, that we are going to pay our school fee."

Also, he reaffirmed his decision to slash the SUG fee from 250 to 150 but state that majority of the house (SUG Executives) are against it stating  that OSPOLY is the only institution paying the lesser amount in the South West.

Furthermore,  he made it known that he has however forwarded it to SRC and it's still pending approval.

"The very first meeting the excos had, we discussed about it and majority of them rejected it saying it is only Ospoly that are paying lesser amount of money for Union due. Because of that I wrote to the SRC and they have not discerned till now." he noted.

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